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At Fair Price Plumbing, we specialize in general plumbing services for residential customers in Houston, Texas. We do everything from drain clearing and sewer repair to complete repiping and reroutes. We use inspection video footage to determine the source of your issue (if it's not obvious) and underground tunneling to access your pipes if necessary, instead of going through your floor. We are the most affordable plumbers in the area and offer no-haggle pricing.

Quick Turnaround on Services

Drain Clearing
Many of our service calls are for stoppages in the kitchen sink. We'll fix the problem by jetting the line or running snake lines, and we can schedule you the next day for service.

We replace underground cast iron lines. Cast iron pipes only have a 60-year life expectancy, and we will repipe them with long-lasting PVC pipe.

Sewer Repairs
We can repair damaged main sewer lines and also reroute plumbing to the sewer system.

Plumbing Pipes and Tools

Underground Tunneling
If your plumbing issue is the result of a broken underground pipe, count on us to fix it. We dig tunnels to access your pipe, so there will be no unnecessary damage to your property by going through the floor.

Inspection Videos
If you need a video of your pipe or sewer lines for an inspection, or if our technicians are having problems finding the source of your issue, our camera will do the dirty work. The video footage will provide you with answers to your plumbing concerns, and it lets our technicians know exactly what is going on.